PVRIS Releases NEW Track, ‘Half’ (Visualette)

Lynn Gunn has truly developed something incredible through these new singles that are being introduced to the music scene. Thus far, we’ve heard ‘Heaven’, ‘What’s Wrong’, and now we’re experiencing ‘Half’. All three songs mentioned above are off of their new and upcoming album, ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’.

Some of my favorite lyrics are the following:

Half my bones in city streets, the other in my sheets, 
And I don’t think they’ll ever get the chance to meet. 
I never, never, never said that I wanted,
I never, never, never, never said that I wanted. 

This is truly another single that keeps your mind pacing and wanting more. Between Gunn’s angelic voice and the multiple cinematic characteristics, I’m very eager for August 4th, 2017; which is the official release date to their debut album. I absolutely love how the video incorporates the intimate and dramatic black and white schemes. What’s important for the viewer is definitely something to keep them watching as well as listening. Another attribute that I favor are the constant highlights and shadowing used too.  Aside from the visual aspect, we cannot forget about the intricate and meaningful lyrical content. This band is going places fast and we can’t lose sight of them.