Premiere: The Stygian Complex raises the bar with their EP “Tartarus” – Listen!

North Carolina up and comers The Stygian Complex has recently their heavily anticipated new EP titled “Tartarus”, and trust us, it’s a heavy one. The band employed Kascade Mixing & Mastering (Bound In Fear, Distant, Exorcised Gods, Defilement) to mix and master the 4 track EP. Tartarus delivers non-stop energy with brute force. Although the EP only features 4 tracks – each track is crafted in their own image, each having something that leaves a unique footprint. The Stygian Complex made their appearance in the North Carolina deathcore scene in 2018, ever since the band has released two EPs. Their debut EP, which was respectively self-titled, released in 2019, beginning their journey. Fast forward to 2020 The Stygian Complex released the next chapter in their musical careers, and one for the books may I add. Tartarus hasn’t left my cars CD player since I’ve received, and I don’t see it coming out soon. If you like deathcore with ear piercing highs, bass shaking breakdowns, and the punch of Godzilla, you’ll want to get your band on this EP.

The Stygian Complex currently has CDs and merchandise available on their store!

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