Post-hardcore band Actor|Observer premiere stunning new song/video for “On Your Laurels”

New England’s Actor|Observer have been part of a driving force of newer post-hardcore bands with plenty to say – and sing – about. Last year’s 2-song EP One Another really showed the band’s overall growth and expanding songwriting skills, and now the promising 5-piece is back with a new track, “On Your Laurels”.

Unsurprisingly signing to No Sleep Records, whose roster has been (and still is) home to some of the most forward-thinking and genuinely honest musicians in the scene, Actor|Observer have also announced their new full-length Pareidolia drops August 24th. It would be a mistake to sleep on this band at all – they’re creating some of the most refreshing post-hardcore today, yet there’s also plenty of post-rock and genuine ebb and flow to their music. Highly recommended.