Poison The Well plays the legendary “The Opposite Of December” in full – watch

Not that the band needs much in the way of introduction, but Florida metalcore band Poison The Well are one of the pioneering bands of the genre, setting the tone for much of the past 20 years or so of metalcore’s development. While they certainly weren’t the only band to further the genre, they certainly are held in high esteem by many – especially us.

While the band unfortunately hasn’t put out an album since 2009’s The Tropic Rot, and don’t look to be doing so anytime soon, that shouldn’t put a damper on how great the band sounded at their gig last weekend in California. The band The Opposite Of December in its entirety, and considering how fast tickets for the show sold out, we can’t be surprised the band still has a passionate fanbase that still remembers every word of “Slice Paper Wrists”.

Thanks to Lambgoat, we also have the band’s setlist from the truly epic night. 2 guesses as to what the band’s The Opposite Of December set included as the finale. Peep the video for “Botchla” below, too, to realize what kind of frenetic passion the band still carries when playing live.

Zombies Are Good for Your Health
The Realist
Letter Thing
Apathy Is a Cold Body
The Opposite of December
A Wish for Wings That Work
Mid Air Love Message
My Mirror No Longer Reflects
To Mandate Heaven
Not Within Arms Length
Artist’s Rendering of Me
Slice Paper Wrists