A petition to have My Chemical Romance close the final Warped Tour has surfaced on the Internet

Whether you were a massive fan of them or not, My Chemical Romance had (and still has) a rabid fanbase that would probably erupt like a volcano if they ever got back together. Despite being inactive for quite a few years, there’s still a smidge of hope that the band might reunite someday.

And with the Vans Warped Tour ending next year (at least in its current capacity), it’s no surprise that there’s a legitimate petition to bring back the band for the 2018 tour – and have My Chem actually close out the final show, too. The petition, which just crossed the 3,000 mark, can be found right here.

The petition reads:

My Chemical Romance should reunite & headline the last warped tour to end it on the note of “so long, and goodnight.”
Imagine all the weeping and screaming scene kids and adults.
Imagine all the money Vans Warped Tour could rack in too.
Many voices will be lost for weeks afterwards. Let’s make this happen! Let it be known, this is what the people want! If you’re gonna end warped tour, end it right!!!

Will you be signing this petition?