Decay debuts with “Staring at the Sun” (review)

Decay, 2020

Once again, a targeted ad on Facebook has worked wonders. I came across an ad for Decay while scrolling my news feed, and was reeled in by the deep emotion and passion conveyed through both the vocals and instruments. I reached out for their debut album super early and will be checking out Staring at the Sun today.

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ZOMBIESHARK keeps Nintendocore alive and well in 2020 (review)


A style of music that’s very near and dear to me is Nintendocore. This unabashed, chaotic take on metal includes heavy use of midi, synth, and other electronic effects to feel like your favorite game console is moshing with you. I have fond memories of listening to Iamerror, Monomate, and Insert Disc, but haven’t kept up with the genre since about 2014. Today, that changes with ZOMBIESHARK!’s wild new album I Will Destroy You, Myself, And Everything I’ve Ever Loved. Continue reading

NOM∀DIC’s “Euphoria” is epic, powerful, and July’s best metal album (review)

NOM∀DIC, 2020

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to bring to your attention a metal album that is one of the most important ad masterful of 2020. When I reached out to NOM∀DIC ahead of the original April release date of Euphoria, I only had one song to go off of, but was smitten with what I heard. After COVID hit, the band did something no other did for their delay: they released a single off the record every two weeks ahead of this July 10th release. Each with their own artwork and vibe, this ingenious method helped me grow to adore Euphoria ahead of its eventual release.

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