Vespera is back, and they’re pissed off on new song, “Gossamer”

When confronted with people who constantly put us down and damage our self-worth, it can easily chip away and whittle down our resolve to basically nothing. Pardon the Pokemon references, but these constant damaging attacks can at best cripple our ability to create and/or function – and at worst, knock us out. In the challenging and uncertain times we face, standing up for yourself is a necessary act of defiance – lest you get trampled by those that would seek to take you for granted.

For Vespera frontman Casval Wolfe, he knows all too well the struggles of dealing with overbearing and egotistical personalities. Having toured with bands like Falling In Reverse and Dayshell over the years, it wasn’t until a few years ago that he decided to strike out with his own band. Given Wolfe’s experiences with those bands, the song might well be a cleverly referencing song about some of the egotistical vocalists in the scene as much as it could be applied to the everyday person stuck in a toxic relationship.

Luckily for music fans, those initial struggles were but a prelude to one of music’s more interesting bands right now. Combining a strong audio-visual component with accessible, yet intricate music that straddles the lines between rock, metal, and progressive, what Vespera is doing is intriguing indeed. The band’s new single, “Gossamer”, confronts the people who would bring us down in a very direct way – and the visual portion of the song – directed by Jon Vulpine – is also an important watch. Be warned – it contains sensitive images and visuals.

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TNF Premiere: Ohio pop-punk band Life In Idle debut new single + video for “Hourglass” – watch

It’s a challenging time to be releasing new music in any fashion. With a global pandemic affecting the lives of just about everyone worldwide, there’s even more roadblocks to an often thankless job considering that most musicians can’t play a proper show right now.

Luckily, there’s still plenty of high energy pop-punk to make your day better. Fresh off nearly 2 years of playing shows for 2018’s She’s Out to Get Me, Dayton, OH pop punk outfit Life In Idle has just released their new single “Hourglass” with an accompanying lyric video. We’re stoked to be premiering the new video for the track, which you can watch below.

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Natural State releases wacky, catchy new single “Rubber Copy Dangerous”

Chicago-based Natural State have only been at it for a year, and have geared up for their newest song “Rubber Copy Dangerous” which released today.

Something a bit different, Natural State are inspired by “horror movies, video games, and comic books,” and “Rubber Copy Dangerous” is lyrically centered around a gunfight with an ex-bounty hunter and an antagonist.

Vocalist Lou Cervantes tells in detail: “The main point of the song is to persevere under extreme conditions, even when a big scary illuminati werewolf is your biggest obstacle. I won’t dance around it either, the song has a clear political stance against the ultra wealthy. There are some themes in the album that also showcase the vices of hoarding wealth and power for selfish gains.”

I love covering songs that are absolute passion projects with a lot of time/thought sunk into them. It’s clear Lou and other members Clay Williams and Stephen Buuck are putting their all into Natural State, as this is a well-produced banger that I had on repeat writing this article. Reminiscent of the wonder years of My Chem and The Used with a tinge of Dance Gavin Dance has me head over heels for this band in no time.

Check out “Rubber Copy Dangerous” before Natural State takes off like they deserve to!

You can FINALLY listen to Corelia’s crowdfunded album after it got funded 5 years ago

You’ve seen it before – a crowdfunding effort concludes successfully, and the receiving party makes off with the money without providing their supporters with anything. Of Machines had something similar happen, and we were scared I Am Abomination were heading down that path before releasing their magnificent Passion of the Heist II. Thankfully, with Corelia, there’s a happy ending, as this long-awaited LP from the band’s 2011 acclaimed effort Nostalgia finally sees the light of day.

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