New Found Glory’s ‘Sticks And Stones’ album is certified Platinum, “My Friends Over You” goes Gold

New Found Glory are a veritable pop-punk institution. Before Warped Tour met its demise, you could count on the band playing the summer festival every other year, and generally being one of the most popular bands in the genre to exist. Prevalent hardcore influences abound in the band’s music as well, making them a band that has a diverse fanbase.

The band, who recently released their 10th studio album, have another two accolades to add to their repertoire. While the band already has multiple Gold records under their collective belts, the band’s 2002 album Sticks And Stones – as well as its huge single “My Friends Over You” – have now reached major milestones as well.

“My Friends Over You”, arguably New Found Glory’s biggest single to date, as well as the album it’s from (Sticks And Stones), have both been certified by the RIAA. The former is now Gold, while Sticks And Stones itself is certified Platinum. In an era where non-rap/pop musicians rarely receive such accolades, it’s been a long time coming. Congrats to New Found Glory on a huge legacy.