Motionless In White to release reworked version of their hit song, “Another Life”

While the band has been teasing their new material to be “way heavier”, Motionless In White have been enjoying a huge album success with last year’s Disguise. While the more commercial direction of the band may have bothered a section of the fanbase, it’s pretty clear that Motionless In White continue to see their burgeoning fanbase explode. With seemingly every single the band releases managing to nail down some radio play, it’s not a surprise that the next bit of music you’ll likely hear from Motionless In White is likely to be one you’re already familiar with.

Given that it’s easily the band’s most successful song off Disguise (over 17 million streams on Spotify alone), one wouldn’t be surprised to hear the band is apparently gearing up for a reworked version of “Another Life” early next week. MIW recently teased such activities on their social media feeds just yesterday, sending fans into a frenzy. The song is also apparently arriving early next week.

In a recent interview with radio station WRIF, Chris had plenty to say about the band’s upcoming material.

“I know our fans really enjoy our songs like ‘Another Life’ and the more laid-back or emotional tracks, which there will be those as well, but everything I’m doing myself lately has kind of been heavier,” he said. “And I’m just, like, ‘Where is all this coming from?’ I know I’m a quietly, or somewhat quietly, angry person, but it’s really coming out in the stuff I’ve been working on. So we’ll see what happens. I know there’s gonna be a mix, like there always is.”