Moments In Nu-Metal History: July 24, 1999 – Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst loses it during “Break Stuff” at Woodstock

There was a certain mystique that Woodstock ’99 had, minus the rampant commercialism, of course. The lineup? Absolutely stacked. Rage Against The Machine. Metallica. Korn. Red Hot Chili Peppers. And a little band called Limp Bizkit, whose popularity after their performamce at Woodstock catapulted them into selling millions of copies of Significant Other, which dropped a few weeks before their Woodstock set.

Their performance wasn’t without controversy, to be sure. But it’s near impossible to not be in awe of the way Limp Bizkit simply commanded the crowd. Even 20 years later, few bands of that era could truly pull this off. Truly the concert for the end of the millennium. And you can’t beat fans in the crowd surfing on boards.

According to legend and folklore, Wes Borland can spin around an infinite number of times while playing guitar, and still not get dizzy.