MODERN COLOR are at their best in “From The Leaves Of Your Garden” (review)


When Title Fight dropped Hyperview and Turnover released Peripheral Vision, it was clear that some artists in pop-punk wanted to branch out into new sounds. These bold changes weren’t for everyone, but I personally loved these shifts and came to love the expeditions into shoegaze and dreampop. As such, MODERN COLOR exudes a similar sound, so I’m eager to see what their third offering, From the Leaves of Your Garden, can accomplish.

Previously a more-aggressive band, MODERN COLOR still maintains a punky vibe, with more eased vocals in this new offering. Opting for more clean vocals and mellowed instrumentation, From the Leaves of Your Garden is a more matured, succinct effort than the band’s sophomore LP, Time Slips Behind Us. My gripe with that record was the vocals sometimes being a bit canned in the mix, but that’s remedied in the new album.

The cohesion between the driving instrumentals and the melancholy lyrics makes these new tracks swell. Great guitar riffs come out in pieces like “On & Off” and “Jacaranda,” whereas the drumming in faster songs “Lavender” and “Head Change” exemplify a breadth of talent in MODERN COLOR. While I enjoyed the screams in the previous effort, the clean vocals here are consistently soothing in low registers and emphatic in high ones. Exemplary song structure makes choruses catchy and worth a replay.

From the Leaves of Your Garden is truly an album to get lost in. When I review, I do a front-to-back listen and write my thoughts for each individual track, but I was so relaxed throughout the record that my mind was complacent, being lulled into the excellent guitar runs, the somber vocals, and the reverb’s tranquilizing tone. Much akin to the aforementioned Hyperview, this has the potential to be a genre staple.

When bands transform, they run the risk of losing fans that loved their old sound. Thankfully, that’s not the case with MODERN COLOR. A prime example of a band coming into their own, From the Leaves of Your Garden is the band’s best work yet, and is sure to turn a lot of heads. I only wish I could see the band tour it, but at least we get to enjoy this quality record in the meantime. From the Leaves of Your Garden releases this Friday, July 10th.

Rating: 9/10

A press copy of From the Leaves of Your Garden was provided courtesy of Other People Records.