Mirror Room: Ghost Atlas’ “All Is In Sync…” is 12 tracks of modern alternative rock brilliance

One listen to either of the two EPs or the debut full-length from Ghost Atlas, and you’ll likely be blown away if you’re a fan of modern alternative rock with a strong melodic post-hardcore bent. There’s a reason All Is In Sync… made it to the #2 spot on our 2017 “best of” list – it’s simply a brilliant piece of work that shows off Jesse Cash (of Erra fame) and his diverse vocals, as well as guitar skills.

All Is In Sync… is the definition of an album where every track has a purpose – from the electric album opener “Cry Wolf”, to mid-album highlight “Fox Rain”, which showcases Cash’s soaring vocal abilities. One of the neatest parts of the album is where you can pick out specific influences – like on “Legs”, where there’s an explicit reference to alt-metal heroes Deftones. The opening chord progressions and the chorus echo those influences, as well as Saosin and Circa Survive, but in ways that are never deriative.

Ghost Atlas isn’t just a mere side project for Jesse Cash and Alex Ballew, who drums on the album. No, it’s a brilliant project that is more than the obvious influences present – this is life-affirming and mostly spectacular post-hardcore with an emphasis on melody, and a guitar solo on many of the tracks. Even the acoustic songs like “Scouts Honor” don’t feel tacked on at all.

Color us very, very impressed. We think you’ll feel the same – fans of forward-thinking melodic alt-rock will want to pick this up in short order.