Michigan pop-punk act Last Night Saved My Life premieres new album, “Cherry” (Exclusive Stream)

Full of pop-punk and alternative influences, Last Night Saved My Life have been gearing up for the Friday release of their debut full-length, Cherry. A slickly-produced yet captivating set of songs, the band’s new album also features State Champs’ Derek DiScanio on lead single, “Waterfall” – unsurprisingly being one of the standout songs on the new record.

Today, we’re excited to team up with the band to bring you a pre-release album stream for the new record, which drops at midnight. Fans of slick pop-punk and catchy melodies need to pay attention to what Last Night Saved My Life are doing. Stream the whole thing below!

Wilson Shaner had this to say about the new record:

“We are super excited to be putting out this album. It’s got a real classic sound, but also comes off as super fresh at the same time. That’s pretty much exactly what we were going for. There are a lot of early 2000s nostalgia vibes in the album for me personally, but also a bunch of fun tracks with pop production elements that make it stand out. With a combination of upbeat pop tunes, aggressive jams, and acoustic ballads, the album is kind of like a trip. Our hope is really just that people can listen to it and enjoy it the whole way through.”