Mexican post-everything band Joliette releases new video, “El Alphabiotista”

One of modern post-hardcore’s best-kept secrets, Mexican post-everything band Joliette have released a new music video for “El Alphabiotista”. This band, whose 2016 record Ataxico made it fairly high on our year-end best-of list, are back with another stunningly good track that combines elements of post-hardcore, metalcore, and multiple other seemingly disparate hardcore and metal subgenres to create something special. While comparisons to Glassjaw, Converge, At The Drive-In, and the like can’t be ignored, the band clearly has their own unique identity. Those reading this who may not know the band are advised to start with both Ataxico and their 2013 debut full-length Principia to gain a sense of how the band has grown in just a few short years, because the impending release of a new 7″ EP drops on May 31st. We can’t recommend Joliette highly enough.