Melanie Martinez Brings K-12 to Life at Sold Out Orlando Show

Melanie Martinez recently released her second album K-12 which did very well on the Billboard Charts, and a feature film that is currently available to watch on YouTube. She just kicked off her highly anticipated tour and we were able to catch her at the Orlando stop. A sold out House of Blues crowd with many dressed like Melanie’s signature style, one patron even had earrings that said Doll. As far as the eye could see in the line that wrapped around the building, there were pink skirts and half-head’s galore. They all anxiously awaited for the clock to strike seven and they could secure their spot on the floor.

Lauren Ruth Ward started off the night with an energized set and plenty of crowd interaction. She kept the energy high even as her set came to a close, and the stripped down set was changed over into the land of K-12. It was as if we stepped into the movie, the screen changing in the background to fit the scenes throughout the set. Melanie primarily focused on her new album with fan favorites like High School Sweethearts, Nurses Office, and Drama Club among the other singles from her latest album. To the delight of older fans she also performed Sippy Cup, Alphabet Boy, and Mad Hatter. The crowd knew every line by heart, and watched intently with each set change and outfit reveal. Those who have followed her since her Cry Baby Tour, knew her for dancing across the stage in socks and the wolf that she faced during Milk and Cookies. Her set has evolved far beyond that, with choreographed dance routines, and an interactive set featuring elements from her movie like the case she performs in during Drama Club. It is no longer just a show but an experience when you step into her world. We look forward to catching her again in the future.