Media Mondays – Ten Second Songs



You may be familiar with Anthony Vincent, the creator of the recently viral video series called Ten Second Songs. Earlier in the year, he posted a video of him singing Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ in twenty different styles of music. The styles within the video include Slipknot, Techn9ne, Type O Negative, Michael Jackson, and other well-known musicians from varying genres.

Anthony’s video for ‘Dark Horse’ has since gathered more than 7.5 million views on YouTube and prompted the continuation of his video series (‘Talk Dirty’ by Jason Derulo has also been performed).

As a vocalist, Anthony covers a wide range of sounds and vocal techniques through his singing. I decided to view another two videos that he posted to his channel, one of them thanking viewers for sharing his version of ‘Dark Horse’ and the other, more recent, video that showed bloopers and gave news to his viewers. Within the first minute of either video, I can instantly see that he is actively engaged and he holds a lot of positive energy. It is admirable and moreover commendable that he is able to consistently remain delighted and fueled by his work as a musician. He mentions that he also is in an underground band, Set the Charge, that it is actually really enjoyable if you’re into hard rock music. As a rock musician in the 21st century, you can guess that he has not garnered much attention for his band, but I’m hoping that the efforts and energy that he puts into his videos for Ten Second Songs will direct viewers his way.

Without a doubt, I enjoy viewing his videos and hearing him talk about his upcoming projects. Anthony is definitely a versatile musician, and if you’re looking for pop music, he has you covered through Ten Second Songs; if you’re looking for rock music, he has you covered through Set the Charge.