LUNDØN channel peak summer vibes with new song “Don’t Turn This Car Around”

LUNDØN, 2020

Electronic duo LUNDØN are set to release quite the catchy track “Don’t Turn This Car Around” this Friday, August 7th.

With a few songs under their belt already, the new group, comprised of Justin Peeling and Jeff Updike, craft a strong blend of compelling EDM/synthwave with infectious alternative. It’s a challenge to straddle the line between these two genres and come out sounding unique, but these two have managed just that with pieces like “You + Me” and “Whoevers Next,” collaborating with talented musicians like Strvylight and Kramos.

This time around, they’ve enlisted the help of vocalist Loveless for “Don’t Turn This Car Around,” which encapsulates the emotional flourish that summer brings about. With 1 million streams already under their belt after 2 years of existence, LUNDØN is on a constant upswing, and this song will surely propel them further. Check out the band ahead of this Friday’s release below, and get a pre-save in if you dig it: