Local Band Turned Down Due to Religious Views?

We live in a world where everyone should have the right to believe what they’d like. It’s obvious that not everyone is religious. But what happens when your beliefs prevent you from playing shows as a band?

Coming from Southern Pines, North Carolina Set For The Fall is a Christian alternative rock band. They have been making music for a few years and are known by most Christian rock listeners in the area. Things have been going great until a venue asked what band people would like to see play with Fear Factory on their upcoming tour. Set For The Fall were mentioned a few times and finally the venue had a response but one that was unexpected. This was what was said:



Now this may seem like a respectable response at first but the venue has apparently had Christian bands play with non religious bands. I personally am not religious but I believe this: this kind of thing is killing the music scene. This is a form of discrimination and this is putting up a barrier to try and separate bands. When it comes down to it bands play music and the fans listen, no one is gonna make a scene because a Christian band is playing.


What are your guys and girls thoughts on the subject? Should religion prevent a band from playing shows?

Editor’s Note: I don’t believe this is necessarily a religious issue – the band in question, a Christian alternative rock band, was trying to get on the same bill as the 90’s premiere industrial metal band. It’s obviously not a good fit. “Christian Rock” is a genre of music onto itself.

That said, the promoter simply could’ve said it’s not a fit, instead of possibly singling them out for being who they are.

With that in mind, at the end of the day, you can either complain about a situation like this, or use the slight as fuel to come back twice as hard. Which will you choose?