Loathe embark on a new era of music with two new singles, “Gored” + “New Faces In The Dark”

Loathe 2019. Photo by Olli Appleyard.

The 2017 release of their debut album The Cold Sun showed UK heavy band Loathe at an impressive creative peak early on. Nearly impossible to pin down in a single genre, The Cold Sun impressively threw together elements of post-hardcore, deathcore, metalcore, and industrial to create a record that threw music fans for a loop. Their split with Holding Absence last year, which included the single “White Hot”, was a continued evolution of their sound – and now Loathe are making more noise with two new singles, “Gored” and “New Faces In The Dark”.

To no one’s surprise, Loathe just continue to go for it with their new music. While neither song is necessarily breaking new ground, “Gored” is certainly one that’ll fill listeners’ ears with an intro that projects abject terror through industrial noise and a downtempo metalcore sound, while “New Faces In The Dark” showcases the band’s more accessible side, with a Deftones-esque chorus that’ll surely bring in new fans.

If you’re not on the Loathe train just yet, what are you waiting for? Given how solid these two new singles are, it would be a massive shock if their impending sophomore album wasn’t the one that puts Loathe on the train to stardom. In some ways, they’re already there.