Live At Hellfest: Dan + Benji of Skindred discuss genre blurring, current musical climate

There was a point sometime in the summer of 2004 when I heard a track called “Nobody” for the first time. Having not been familiar (to that point) with Skindred’s mashup of reggae, hip-hop, and metal, there was a certain measure of both familarity (I grew up listening to rap-metal hybrids) and innovation in my eyes – while bands like Candiria and Bad Brains had worked similar styles before, there was something truly unique about what Skindred was doing on their debut album, Babylon.

Fast forward to 2017 and 5 more full-lengths later, and Skindred is now a proven veteran band who are continually releasing quality material – especially their most recent album, Volume. Continually pushing the envelope with their genre fusion, they seem to get better with time. Our French correspondent Thomas was able to catch up with Dan and Benji of Skindred live at Hellfest, where they discussed a litany of subjects. You can check out the full audio below.