Live From The Road: The Bergamot


The music scene is filled with bands and musicians trying to make their mark, despite facing the challenges of low album sales and other trying challenges. Alternative folk band The Bergamot (who hail from Brooklyn, NY) aren’t letting these things stop them, though. They’re currently on a landmark tour called The 50 State Unity Tour, where they’re traveling from state to state, and filming an entire documentary of the journey. If that’s not ambitious and cool, I don’t know what is. They raised almost $19k on their Kickstarter, which you can check out below.

The band recently discussed their current journey, life on the road, and what they’re up to right now. Special thanks to The Bergamot for taking the time to talk to us while on the road!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out! I wanted to spend some time talking about the making of the “Forget About Tomorrow” music video in NYC. When we decided that we wanted to make a video in the City, we went looking for rehearsal spaces that really captured the Brooklyn vibe. Not like the yuppie Gucci vibe, that is slowly creeping in, but a more raw, unfiltered feel. So we made our way over to Band Spaces NYC and talked with this cat “Sal Mander” – for real. He said “I can let you rent the room here – just don’t go up into the loft.” I didn’t really dig into why he didn’t want us up in the loft, but I am pretty sure it is because he lived in his rehearsal space – but all good dude, no prob. Anyways, we found his space to be just the quirky and odd environment that would be perfect for shooting a video in. So, one day we brought in our videographer and figured, “let’s just roll the song in a natural way”. We really felt like we were able to capture the song’s essence in such a tight space where the music itself and the energy of the song could be really exemplified.

Other than that, we have been out on the road with The Unity Collective USA and supporting our new release TONES, which you should definitely check out. The shows are growing night after night and we have been having the most successful tour of our lives out here. We are currently writing from a cafe in Coeur d’ Alene in Idaho. I had no idea how beautiful this state is – but my goodness. I think we are going to catch a sunset tonight, on our night off, over the lake here that spans about 30 miles wide.

Make sure to catch all of our latest stops and some of our live shows – all of which will be available on our website in the coming weeks. Maybe we will see you all at a show soon?

All the best and EVER UPWARD,

The Bergamot /// Nathaniel & Jillian