Linkin Park teases ‘Hybrid Theory’ demos, major announcement for August 13th

While we know the band is planning on a “celebration” of sorts for the 20th anniversary of their landmark debut album Hybrid Theory, the Internet has been buzzing with news that Linkin Park is teasing some very special things for the record. Now, the band is teasing a major announcement for 7 AM PST on August 13th, sending fans into a veritable frenzy.

While the band has been teasing plenty of possible demos and rarities on their official website, through what the band dubs their “old band computer”, it appears LP is officially set to announce a special edition of Hybrid Theory, including rare tracks all the way back from the band’s days as Xero (as in, pre-Chester Bennington material), and even some possible Chester Bennington audition tapes! Also possibly included? A song called “Pictureboard”, which, as our friends at Linkinpedia note has only been played once live.

“Pictureboard” was first mentioned by Mike Shinoda during a private LP Underground chat in 2005 for an LPU winner and ten of their friends: “a place for my head used to be called esaul and there was a song called pictureboard which we actually played on stage one time probably 5 years ago with linkin park. we played it after we changed our name. i think that was the only time we played a xero song that wasn’t on hybrid theory after we changed our name.”

Stay tuned for what will definitely be a killer announcement tomorrow.