Progressive metalcore band Levels brings a fresh take on the genre with new single, “Encapsulate” – listen

Look, we get it. Progressive metalcore is a hugely crowded subgenre in itself, with young (and really talented) bands popping off all over the place. Bands like Erra, Veil Of Maya, Born Of Osiris, and Novelists are pushing the subgenre to new heights, both critically and commercially – but there is, of course, room for more talent. Enter unsigned Arkansas act Levels, whose new single, “Encapsulate”, does a great job of encapsulating their overall sound and talent.

What Levels do really well on their new single is take a bunch of their obvious influences without sounding like copycats. There’s the technical heaviness that musicians will be able to appreciate, for one thing. Vocalist Jake Sanders can roar with the top-tier vocalists of the genre, and the band’s pummelling groove might remind listeners of older Volumes or Veil Of Maya material as well.

One listen to “Encapsulate” and it’s pretty clear that Levels aren’t your typical prog metalcore act. With a developed sound that is familiar yet different enough to stand out, it certainly won’t be long until the band starts reaping the rewards of their hard work. If you like your metalcore on the more progressive and technical side, but still appreciate a fun listen, Levels is for you.