La Dispute & Touché Amoré drop by Chicago during co-headline tour (Review + Photo Gallery)


Photos & review by James Biernat

Kicking off the night at Metro Chicago was Empath, giving us a very groovy way into the night of the music that was to follow. Many people were head bobbing along with Empath, as they entered the stage with birds chirping to having an explosion of sound in harmony hitting the listener.

Touché Amoré was up next and took the crowd to another level, the first couple songs made the crowd move from head bobbing to crowd surfing. The energy the band was giving to the crowd was amazing as a pit of people pushing each other back and forth formed in the crowd. They played a song by special request as a fellow fan flew out from New Mexico to see them play in Chicago. The song that they played was “Anyone / Anything” off their 2013 release album Is Survived By. They also announced that they will be coming back next year with a new album so be on the lookout for that.

Finally,to end the night at Metro Chicago, La Dispute hit the stage playing a variety of their newer songs off Panorama which was dropped March 22nd ofthis year. Also, having Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré joining the stage during two songs both off Searching for a Pulse/The Worth of the World was a treat. The songs being “How I Feel” & “Why It Scares Me” which just had the crowd moving even more.



Empath :


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Touché Amoré :