Krosis pushes the boundaries of progressive death metal on new album, “A Memoir of Free Will” (Review)

In a sea of music that is constantly evolving, it’s a rare form to find a band that truly brings an innovative drive to the table. Krosis is one of those artists. The progressive death metal outfit has proved just that with their new album, A Memoir of Free Will. Krosis pushes themselves to create enticing music that pushes the genre to new heights. The band is preparing to unleash their new full length album A Memoir of Free Will via the legendary Unique Leader Records. February 7th marks the release of this landmark album for Krosis, and we’re here to give you our thoughts on the new album.

“Gone, But Not Forgotten” kicks off the 10 track album with an enticing ambient and melodic build-up that leads into the full speed of the track, introducing the vocals to the album. Krosis has had a vocalist change after their Unique Leader debut album. Mac Smith was added to the line-up and the combination has proved to be very lethal in a good way.

“Gone, But Not Forgotten” sets the bar for the overall atmosphere of the record. As you progress through the album you begin to truly appreciate the composed music Krosis has created. There is a lot of the unexpected to be found in A Memoir of Free Will, that spectrum shoots as far as an orchestrated ambient atmosphere that dances with the melodic aspects of the record. The vocal execution throughout is just absolutely phenomenal. The vocals on this record are some of the most diverse, and range-widen vocals that we’ve heard in awhile. Krosis really stepped up to the plate with this album. No one element is heavily focused on throughout the record, meaning that the band has found a balance within all the aspects of their music. Krosis have sunk their teeth into 2020 with this nearly flawless album. While the band’s previous releases have been solid, this is by far the band’s best work to date. Impressive drumming, a great vocal performance, and willingness to think outside the box bodes well for the band’s future material. The future is shining for the North Carolina heavyweights! Krosis just set out on their album release tour with A Wake In Providence and God of Nothing as well.

Focus tracks: Battles Are Won Within, An Elegy For A Man Alive, With Virtue, I’m Free, and An Intramural Madness.