Album Review: KING 810 – “Suicide King”

KING 810 – SUICIDE KING (8/10)

KING 810, a metal band from Flint, Michigan, have had a promising career so far, with their highly successful previous full length ‘La Petite Mort or a Conversation with God’. They are back to tell some more nostalgic and somewhat terrifying stories, with ‘Suicide King’. The new album is self-released, out via their own label, KING’s NATION.

Lead single ‘Heartbeats’ starts the album off, with vocalist David Gunn, uttering the words “how can we give them something new, that’s entertaining too” which sets the record straight up for what is yet to come, and gives the listener an idea of what KING 810 are doing with this follow up to ‘La Petite Mort or a Conversation with God’.

Braveheart’ gives me a Cane Hill sort of vibe to it, it’s eerie, yet beautiful, with lyrics such as “Braveheart, you will never be one of us” and “won’t bleed, won’t die, get fucked” and to compliment this, fast paced drums and some heavy beats, this album is shaping up to be a message, that KING 810 are not going anywhere!

“Pussy boy, want to go tell the cops boy?”, ‘Bang Guns’ is the third track off this brutal album so far, lyrically, and what seems to have a hidden message, and somewhat sarcasm in the lyrics, telling the story of the streets and that they are the kings of the street! Towards the end of the track, some beautiful female vocals, and pianos come into play with this one, blowing me, as the listener away totally! At the start of this track, vocally, giving me some Marilyn Manson vibes, but towards the end, totally shifting off and completely changing the mood of the track, what a crazy shift and just shows that KING 810 are good at what they do.

There are a few tracks, that are somewhat just KING 810 and you can just tell that it is them, but surprise, almost a ballad style track ‘Black Rifle’ with a guitar solo, slam bang in the middle, and with Gunn even singing, this track is one of my favourites. “I been drug dealing, women stealing” is a personal highlight lyric for me here.

Closing track ‘Sing Me to Sleep’ is a great closer track, with it almost being a metaphor for the track finishing, it’s time for sleep. If there was such thing as a lullaby for adults, this track would definitely be up there, with Gunn almost whispering, “she said, I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to live like this”. With this being said, KING 810 sure can tell a story, and make you feel like you are living the situations, and scenarios that they tell in their music.

In conclusion, this album has given us something new, and has definitely entertained me throughout the whole album, which is what Gunn opening the album with the question, “how can we give them something new, that’s entertaining too?”. There is always room for improvement, however, their next installment they will have to seriously pull something spectacular out of the bag to top this.

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–          Dan Bryan