K Sera makes a comeback with “Revolution in Retrospect”

One of the most criminally-underlooked post-hardcore bands of the 2010s is undoubtedly K Sera. The group’s sole album, Collisions & Near Misses, had an unmatched sound that can be attributed to The Dear Hunter – which makes sense, as it was produced by a member of that group.

I spent several years enjoying this effort, with amazing tracks like “Dream, Like I Do” and “Ambien,” and held out hope I would ever hear more from the band. In 2020, of all time, K Sera has finally given us something new with a song: “Revolution in Retrospect.”

The punky, anthemic track sees the compelling synth usage return, and has the high-end production that would indicate a return in full force. The odd thing about this release is you’re gonna have to head to Soundcloud to find it, as it’s currently not on other streaming services. This exclusivity led me to only find out about the song just now via Facebook, but better late than never!

Check out the track here and celebrate the return of K Sera – it’s long overdue.

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