Josh James (Stick To Your Guns/ex-Evergreen Terrace) is apparently part of the reformed Eighteen Visions

In case you missed it, on April 20th, Eighteen Visions announced officially their reformation and signing to Rise Records for the release of XVIII, their first album in 11 years. Initial single “Oath” (which you can listen to here” is a clear throwback to the early days of the band, especially the Vanity era, where the incendiary OC metalcore band really made their mark on the scene.

It’s also apparent that, according to a recent Twitter post by Josh James himself, that he’s a part of the reformed Eighteen Visions project as the band’s second guitarist. We’re not sure exactly if he’s a member of the band on recording or simply a touring member of the band, though the latter is a bit more likely with Wikipedia listing him as a touring member. The Stick To Your Guns axeman, Casey Jones member, and ex-founding member of Evergreen Terrace was in the music video for “Oath”, though – so maybe this isn’t a temporary thing. Regardless, Eighteen Visions is back, and the fact that Josh James is part of it makes things even more exciting.