Intronaut gets shafted by shady promoter: “It’s not okay to steal from musicians, and I think… we should apply the no mercy rule to anyone who does”

Being in a band is hard. Existing in a touring band? Even harder. Being a touring band in a genre that hardly sells albums anymore? Yeah, that’s nigh impossible, unless you’re really creative and wise with your money. Even for a band like Intronaut, who’ve toured the world multiple times over, released multiple well-received albums, and toured alongside bands like Between the Buried and Me, sustaining a reliable income is a tough card.

The band, who earlier this year performed in India for the first time since 2009, recently issued a stern statement as they were reportedly shafted out of their performance fees by a, well, very unscrupulous promoter. You know it’s bad when a band publicly tags your company and advises others not to work with you. And Intronaut isn’t the only victim – plenty of other musicians are speaking up in the comments section.

The lesson? Don’t steal from musicians, you’re a very bad person if you do.