Interview: Omissions


Sometimes you come across an unsigned band who has everything that it takes to be represented by a major label; Omissions is one of those bands. I had the chance to talk to the guys of the metalcore band based out of Pembroke Pines, FL. Check out what they had to say about touring, new music, record labels, and which pop artist they would feature in one of their songs! If you haven’t heard them before, I’ll do you a favor and post their new video below. Check it out!

You guys recently released a new music video, how was that?

– Oh man the music video shoot was awesome, very tiring but definitely a fun process and we had the privilege of working with a talented director such as Joey Durango.


You’re getting ready to tour, what other bands are you touring with and what are some venues you’re playing?

– This June we will be going on the road with Tragic Hero Record’s new signing band “Illuminate Me”. We have all sorts of shows lined up, I believe there is even a house show involved in this one, we are pretty stoked to do this run.


If you had to open up for any pop artist, who would it be? It has to be radio pop.

– Surely everyone in the band has a different answer for this but hey Katy perry is hot right now so maybe she lets us open up for her and feature in one of our songs. Just throwing that out there 🙂


Where do you guys draw inspiration from for your music? Both musically and lyrically.

– So many different variables, there are some bands we are influenced by and they can definitely spark some inspiration into us. Also just the big and little things in our everyday lives have been known to inspire musical and lyrical ideas as well.


What would be your dream tour if you could pick any 3 bands (past or present) to hit the road with?

– This is probably one of the toughest questions ever because we all have such a diverse taste in music that it would be difficult to agree on just three. However, if we stick to the present, I think we would choose: Karnivool, Architects, Thrice – they just seem like really cool people!


Where did your name come from?

– Long story short it was a name that had been bounced around in the band since we formed back in early 2011. We weren’t particular to the name but as it turns out the name became very fitting to our music and our message. A lot of people feel left out, exiled, or cast aside, our music reflects a message for those people. But it goes both ways, we also speak out against all those people who feel like they can walk all over everyone else.


Any details on new music that we can be on the lookout for?

– Definitely be on the lookout, we have been consistently writing and have come out with a lot of new material we are all very proud of. So far we released two of these newer songs. “Dimensions North” the first single in a lyric video format and the other song “A Body in Motion” as a music video which featured our good friend Devin Ingelido (ex bassist of Versaemerge ) doing guest vocals throughout it, check those two out and if you like what you hear check back with us for more updates on new songs, studio dates, play-through videos, tour videos ect ect.


How do you guys feel about this new wave of crowd funding?

– Crowd funding is a powerful tool, it helps fans connect with bands in a different way that wasn’t possible before. As a band, if you have worked your ass off and laid a good foundation with your fans it becomes a very symbiotic experience. It’s weird seeing a new band asking people and X amount for a project that people can’t connect with. Lay the foundation.


What are your favorite non-metal albums?

– As previously stated we all have such a wide variety when it comes to these types of questions but recently on tour we have been listening to “Playing with Fire” by The Reign of Kindo.


You guys are an amazing band, have a solid following, and are unsigned, do you feel that record labels are a necessity at this point in the music industry?

– Thanks so much for the kind words haha. We believe they can definitely help further a band’s career and help cater their music to a larger audience in a shorter amount of time than if you did it on your own. But much like everything else there are always pros and cons to any decisions that you make in life and labels are no exception to this. There are plenty of artists who have chosen not to sign and have still progressed.


What food do you think you will be eating the most while on tour?

– We are always prepared to go on the road. We make a mandatory BJ’s run and stock up on drinks and snacks. We also bring our own meal replacements, but when all else fails Wendys has always been a faithful companion ha ha. You can add McDonalds and Gas station sandwiches to the list ( we have developed taste buds for these )


What album releases are you most excited about this year?

– Some of us are hoping to hear what the new Periphery will sound like, we all really dug the new Architects album. We are also super stoked to hear new Every Time I Die.


Those are all of our questions! Anything else you guys would like to say?

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us so far. We are trying to do something that we feel very passionate about and the least we could do, is reciprocate that support with hard work, energetic performances and the best music we can create.

Thank you to the guys in Omissions for taking the time to talk to us!

For updates on new music and tour dates be sure to keep up with the band via their facebook page!