Interview: Michael Swank of Myka, Relocate talks “The Young Souls”, being a style-driven band


In today’s crowded musical climate, how do you stand out? There’s two main things a musician/band needs – talent, and the willingness to work hard. Houston post-hardcore newcomers Myka, Relocate may seem like a fairly conventional band in the genre (two vocalists, a pretty even divide between screaming and singing), but the group is armed with a very talented singer in Michael Swank, as well as having the spirit to tour with anyone they get the chance to. They’ve even got a new “movement” of sorts, promoting “The Young Souls” (it’s their most recent album of the same name).

I was able to chat with vocalist Michael Swank on their current US tour (where they’re playing with Conquer Divide and Outline In Color, among others), where we talked about some of his musical idols, a focus on style and substance, and even Justin Timberlake. You really can’t go wrong with Justin.

Check out the audio interview below, and if you get the chance, go see the band when they’re on tour again. They’re definitely going to be the name everyone is talking about soon.