Interview: Colorblind vocalist Travis Moseley on snappy new single, “Stay”

Austin, TX-based post-hardcore outfit Colorblind have just released their newest single/music-video, “Stay.” The brooding piece blends poppy production with a bouncy beat, and has a contagious chorus that doesn’t take long to get stuck in listener’s heads. We got to speak with vocalist Travis Moseley on the new song, whose video just premiered on the prestigious BVTV Music YouTube channel:

New Fury Media: “Stay”s video is very dark and cryptic. What went into the theming of this video?

Travis Moseley: We wanted to go with darker shots and film our silhouettes because we thought they were the best fit for the lyrics and vibe of the song. We thought the brighter projector shots and darker silhouettes shots would create a super cool contrast.

New Fury: The track conveys a desperate and longing tone. What’s the backstory of “Stay”?

Travis: The backstory of the song is about a toxic relationship I was in with a very manipulative person. They kept pushing me to be someone I wasn’t, which took a huge toll on my mental health and happiness.

New Fury: The post-hardcore/pop blend is growing in popularity, with bands like Picturesque and Slaves picking up. Are they a source of inspiration to your sound?

Travis: Yes, we’re all fans of both of those bands! In late 2017, we played with Picturesque in Austin, TX and their guitarist Zach actually recommended a producer named Erik Ron who did their first LP. “Stay” was one of two songs that we recorded with Erik thanks to Zach’s recommendation! But we honestly like to pull inspiration from as wide of a musical spectrum as possible. We enjoy lots of genres of music like hip-hop, indie, and metal!

New Fury: What are your favorite bands in the Texas scene?

Travis: Some of our favorite local bands coming out of Texas right now are Backdrop Violet, NDGO, Everrest, Lost In Separation, Reign, & Dogma!

New Fury: How does it feel to know your next show is still at least six months away?

Travis: It’s definitely a bummer, we all miss playing shows so much. This will be the first time in a few years where we won’t be playing a single show all year. It’s weird to do something for so long and then just stop completely. We are really worried about our venues and promoters. A lot of places have already shut down permanently in Austin, TX. The music industry is truly suffering, and it’s difficult for us to witness. We really hope things get back to normal sometime soon. In this downtime from shows, we’re just trying to keep busy by writing, recording, and upgrading our live set up for when shows do come back.

Thanks to Travis for speaking with New Fury today! Check out “Stay” below!