Interview: Apple Sauce on their weirdness, the Italian music scene, more

When it comes to weird bands, I’ve been front and center for more than a decade. Genres are overrated, and I love when bands forego confining themselves to just one. In the case of Apple Sauce, it’s hard to confine them to a handful. They sound like The Contortionist mingled with I See Stars and Iwrestledabearonce crashed the party. I wanted to learn more about the young Italian band, so I had some questions for them:

New Fury Media: The video for “That Bird” is quite obtuse, but it relates to our everyday lives. Can you explain some of the visual imagery within this video?

Apple Sauce: At the time the video was being conceived, we were thinking of ‘That Bird’ as our own “summer hit”. So we first established the setting: a pool party, a lot of people having fun, lots of food, lots of alcohol.. COOL.

Then, out of nowhere, our true nature manifested. We are fans of all that’s absurd and kinda childish. We tell childish jokes all the time! :);) ..This considered, we felt like something within the concept was missing, and so we reworked it a bit. What came out is this weird connubio of humans acting puerile with animal masks on and toy-looking props, which served to make things even more surreal.

Concerning the story, the goal was to build high climax and expectations with violence, proceeding to knock them down at the end. That’s reason for the grand finale with those creepers doing a silly dance together.

New Fury: Between your song “Cumblast!” and the ahegao on the projector in “Polybius,” Apple Sauce seems very sexual. Why is that?

Apple Sauce: Sex and music both create EXCITEMENT in our body, even if in different ways, and it’s no mystery that people often compare great music to sex.

With ‘Cumblast!’ we took that concept with irony as it’s probably the heaviest and djentiest song in ‘Apple Sauce 出鱈目’.

The ahegao faces in ‘Polybius’ it’s just one of the several references to modern Japanese culture present in the video, since part of the song is about hikikomori: the lyrics try to highlight the difficulties of a generation that had to build a parallel reality (first with videogames, than w social media and also porn) to “win” the existent one.

New Fury: It’s impossible to compare you to any one band with your sound. Are you inspired by other bands or aiming to capture something unique?

Apple Sauce: 

We’re always inspired by the wide and different amount of music that we listen to.

Our goal is to create the perfect experience of metal music by incorporating everything we want in our metal sound.

Moreover, ‘applesauce’ means ‘nonsensical’ in old jazz slang and that’s the mood we want for our music.

As passionate music listeners, we always want to be surprised by what we’re listening to.

Every time we write a song it has to be different from the last one and still mind-blowing, while we struggle to maintain a little bit of coherency.

New Fury: What are some of your favorite groups from the Italian scene?

Apple Sauce: Elio e le Storie Tese, Il Gabibbo, Despite Exile, POP X, Rosa Chemical, Breethoven, Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, Rancore, Destrage, Young Miles, L’Amour, Asymmetric Universe, Uochi Toki, Deriansky, Tiziano Ferro, Claudio Bisio and many more!

New Fury: How has COVID affected your release/tour schedule?

Apple Sauce: As far as the release process was concerned, it didn’t change anything radically but we lost few dates here in Italy (Dissonance 2020 and Fiera del Porno, Bergamo).

We hope that this emergency situation won’t affect the opportunity to organise a release party by the album release and hopefully a tour later 🙁

Thanks to Apple Sauce and Famined Records for setting this up! The band has their debut album coming out this year, which you can presave here! Check out the video for new single “Polybius” below!

Apple Sauce’s socials:
Instagram: @apple_sa uce_official