In The Spotlight: Thirty Nights Of Violence’s “To Die In Your Portrait” brings metallic hardcore to the forefront

The future of metal and hardcore, despite what some popular musicians think, is more alive than ever before. The underground is teeming with bands that are blazing new trails, and one young band to watch is Tennessee metallic hardcore band Thirty Nights Of Violence. Carrying on the proud tradition of genre forebearers like Eighteen Visions, Poison The Well, Taken, and plenty of others, this band might be new on the scene – but their new EP To Die In Your Portrait proves this certainly won’t be the first time you hear about them.

The band, which we desperately hope got their name from Deftones’ “MX”, deals in vicious metallic hardcore that manages to pay homage to their influences without also sounding deriative. In the span of 4 songs and 10 minutes, it’s all quality. Opening track “Frontal Cortex” establishes the band’s auditory vision early on, giving off major Poison The Well vibes (especially in the guitar and drums), but providing a sort of controlled chaos that most newer bands might not be so skilled at.

I’m simply not going to mince words here. The guitar break at the 1:42 mark of “Apathy In Greyscale” is one of the biggest metallic hardcore calls to arms that you’ll hear, presenting a moment that is likely to translate very well into the live setting. Strongly reminscent of Until The Ink Runs Out // Vanity-era Eighteen Visions, the song’s frantic drumming and pace is a certain highlight of this debut EP, which honestly sounds more like the work of an established act. The short songs and runtime work in the band’s favor, as it simply wants you leaving more.

Color us very impressed by what Thirty Nights Of Violence are doing. Right alongside bands like Left Behind, Chamber, Orthodox, and Code Orange, they’re championing the underground scene with reverence to the past – but also maintaining their own identity. Highly recommended.