In The Spotlight: I The Mighty vocalist Brent Walsh releases new R&B-influenced single, “The Way You Seem”

Though a far cry from anything he’s done while fronting I The Mighty, vocalist Brent Walsh has created an interesting and dynamic identity for himself. While fans of his ITM work might be shocked by his new material, it’s solid all the same. Earlier today, he released a new song, “The Way I Seem”, off his upcoming EP – and it legitimately ventures into R&B and Justin Timberlake territory. Fans of his first solo record won’t be too thrown off by this – he’s done it before – but it’s shocking all the same.

About the new song, Walsh had this to say:

“I was walking by the room of my house-mate and fellow guitarist of I The Mighty, Ian, as he was working on a beat. I immediately popped in to ask if when he was finished I could write to it for the solo record. The rap song on my first solo album became such a fan favorite that I knew I had to write another one and thus this “Justin Timberlake-esque” song was born.”