Hip-hop with metal vocals? Meet HANDSXFEET!

Music is a everchanging landscape constantly evolving and changing with the times it currently flows in. Music genre’s have fused multiple times to create something that stuck with people. Allow me to introduce you to a new block in the music world – hip hop with metal vocals, and it’s really good. HANDSXFEET is a new generation artist that’s musically composed of hip-hop heavy hitting beats backed with the intense vocals that metal has proclaimed. HANDSXFEET made their debut album release earlier this year. The solo artist just released his new song “Judas” that features a spot from Man Ov God, also known as Brook Reeves who fronted Impending Doom. The lyrical content focus for the artist is to tackle suicide in a hope for prevention. The newly founded artist has a way to go, but with a unique sound like this it’ll be impossible not to stick with some people.