Half a million of Myspace’s 50 million lost songs have been recovered

Back in 2018, as you may remember, Myspace lost millions of songs during a botched server migration. A massive number of bands got their start on the social network, including everyone from The Maine to The Black Dahlia Murder. While it was long thought these songs would end up erased from history (except for our memories), there’s good news – half a million of these songs have now been recovered. While it doesn’t scratch the surface of the over 50 million songs that were originally lost, it’s a sizable amount that’s also better than nothing.

If you’re like us and remember the first time you ever heard Suicide Silence demos on Myspace, fear not. There’s now a searchable database of the 500k+ songs that were recovered. Notably, other bands you can find in the database include the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, Whitechapel, Deftones, Chiodos, and countless others. While it’s unclear if any more songs will turn up from the Internet archives, we can only hope for more of Myspace’s deathcore, pop-punk, and scene bands to be recovered. After all, it really was a gigantic scene that leveled the playing field for bands of all genres to get noticed, as some of metal and pop-punk’s biggest bands gained plenty of traction with just a few demos.

It should be noted, of course, that many of these songs are available on streaming services or have the ability to be downloaded. Especially Job For A Cowboy’s “Entombment Of A Machine”, whose iconic pig squeals helped land the band a major record deal. Still, this is a great development for many who thought their old Myspace-era bands’ music might be lost forever.