Get your paws on this heavy new split from Litterbox Massacre & The Dog Park Incident

Coming straight from the depths of the pet cemetery comes two utterly disgusting slamming deathcore outfits, and they made a slamming deathcore split together. Litterbox Massacre is a rising star in the scene and has recently signed inked with Realityfade Records. Litterbox Massacre surfaced with their crushing debut EP “Welcome To The Scratching Post” in 2019. Litterbox Massacre up the ante on their debut full length album “The Rise of Lucifur” – which saw it’s release earlier this year.

The Dog Park Incident is the band that joined Litterbox Massacre on this collection of pet friendly tracks. The Dog Park Incident is a one man band that rose from the grave the same year the world decided to collapse, 2020. The collaboration between the two has proven to be quite the combination. That combination is their split EP “Primal Apawcalpyse” (Cute name, right?). The EP runs roughly for 14 minutes, and throughout those 14 minutes not an ounce of momentum is lost. Primal Apawcalpyse showcases what Litterbox Massacre has perfected in terms of their sound, as well as showcase the potential of The Dog Park Incident.