Get to know your new favorite breakout band, The Faim (Interview)

Photo by Max Fairclough

With just 2 songs to their name currently, Australia alt-pop/rock newcomers The Faim are a band that’s shooting for the stars, to be sure. Currently, the band is in the UK on a number of support dates, including with Lower Than Atlantis right now, and show no signs of slowing down. All of these accolades, despite being from Perth – one of the most isolated cities in the world.

We chatted it up with Stephen Beerkens (bass, keyboard), who took the time to discuss living in Perth, some important Australian albums, and even how social media has been a key aspect in their rapid growth. Check out his answers below, along with their recent video for breakout single “Saints Of The Sinners”. Stephen’s answers are in italics. The band is comparable to established acts like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and The 1975, but with a sound all their own – a catchy pop sound that is also appealing to fans of alternative rock.

Please introduce yourself and your role in The Faim.

Hey, I’m Stephen and I’m the bassist/keys player.

Part of your immediate success has been utilizing social media – what tips would you give aspiring bands who are wanting to do the same?

Social media is a huge platform that when utilised, can grow your band and get your music out there to a wider audience. I’d say knowing your audience and posting content that would appeal to the right people is the first place to start. Then, keeping the content fresh and authentic would be the next step. People want to have an insight into your life on social media. The way we think about it is that each day, our posts and Instagram stories are like a new episode that people can tune into and be involved in our day to day life.

What is it really like working with John Feldmann? Has he told you any interesting stories at all?

Working with John was by far the craziest, most rewarding experiences of our musical lives. His never-die work ethic was so infectious in the studio, which pushed us to write and record two songs almost every day. Some words that he shared with us were that writing and recording songs is one thing, but putting in the hard yards to get your music out there is another. His band, Goldfinger, actually won the world record for the most shows played in a year! It’s this drive that we want to mirror whilst on tour now to make the most of every opportunity we get.

Being from Australia, can you tell us some influential Aussie albums that you’d recommend to your fans?

Some Aussie albums that have influenced us over the years would be Get Born by Jet and Back in Black by AC/DC. We grew up listening to these albums and they played a huge part in why we wanted to get into music in the first place.

Were you surprised how much traction your debut single “Saints Of The Sinners” garnered? What sorts of emotions were you feeling as the stats were rolling in and huge outlets were (and are) talking about you?

We couldn’t have been more amazed by the initial response for “Saints of the Sinners”. We all got together, crowding around the computer, to listen to the premiere on the Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter. It was the most unreal experience, not only listening to our song on radio, but hearing such amazing responses from first time listeners. We feel truly honoured every time we hear that somebody is talking about us.

What kind of challenges have you had living in Perth, considering it’s a very isolated city?

One of our biggest challenges living in Perth was getting our music out there to new audiences. Starting off, it’s so difficult to fund your own tour from Perth as you need to fly across the entire country just to play at the next major city! This is why social media became such a strong tool for advertising our band and sharing our music.

Are you guys big sports fans at all? What hobbies and interests do you have outside of music?

We all love our sports! I’m a big tennis fan and Mike (lead guitar, bass, vocals) is an avid supporter of Manchester United. My hobbies outside the band would be getting an iced latte before hitting the gym with mates, and also watching movies!

You’re in the UK touring with Lower Than Atlantis – what do they bring to the table as a successful band?

They bring to the table a consistently tight, rocking set every single night. Their experience as a band really shows in their stage presence and the way they conduct themselves throughout the performance. Their songs also get stuck in your head at the end of every night!

Can we expect a full album in the near future?

Absolutely! We can’t wait to share all our new songs with the world. It’s only a matter of time now!

Do you have any upcoming news that might be pertinent to mention?

We just announced a brand new headline show in Bournemouth on the 31st of May! We can’t wait to see some of the amazing people we’ve met on tour so far and play even more new songs for everyone!