Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) teases possible new solo music

Gerard Way is a busy man, to be certain. When he’s not writing comic books, he’s often working on some fantastic solo material. Take 2014’s solo debut Hesitant Alien, for instance. It’s unlike anything he ever explored with My Chemical Romance, containing a large amount of David Bowie and Britpop influences. While it might sound foreign to the average My Chemical Romance superfan, those influences (especially the former) creeped into MCR’s sound quite a bit, more than most realize.

This makes the possibility of new solo music from Gerard Way even more exciting, as it’s been 4 years since his solo debut was released – though he did release a couple new songs on Record Store Day a couple years back. Interested parties may want to keep their eye on Gerard’s Instagram account, where you can view excited fans’ reactions to a new Instagram post, below. Of course, there’s also an interesting number of people that think this is some kind of upcoming My Chemical Romance announcement, but it’s most likely not. Here’s hoping that it is new solo music, because Hesitant Alien is a near-masterpiece. Special thanks to our pals at Rock Nation for helping us find this awesome news.


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