For The Well Runs Red, defying easy musical categorization is a way of life

The Well Runs Red defies easy categorization. Drawing from an array of influences like hip-hop, industrial, glitch, metal, and Soundcloud rap, it’s hard to put anything TWRR creates into a particular box. Aggressive yet introspective, The Well Runs Red’s music is confrontational and intriguing. One listen to his new single, “Infiltrate”, and you’ll get some of the vibe TWRR is going for here.

While a solid starting point might well (hah!) be Ghostemane, there’s plenty of nods to countercultural icon Marilyn Manson as well as Chris Motionless in Red’s voice, too. Perhaps it’s just easier to let Red describe himself – so read our Q&A with the intriguing new artist below.

Please introduce yourself to anyone who’s reading this.

Hi, I’m The Well Runs Red or Red for short.

You just released a new single, “Infiltrate”. What’s the vibe been from fans of your previous work?

The vibe has been great! I’m really happy with the response. My fans know that I’m extremely experimental and like to keep music coming that I want to put out. I feel like between these two singles (I Won’t Let Go and Infiltrate) and the future music I’ve got coming I’m really happy with the sound I’m developing. The video was a challenge to shoot due to Covid. I shot the video with my girlfriend and we tried to make the craziest thing we could in the house. I also edited the video to get the vibe we were after. The gel was originally pink.

What was it like working with Olli Appleyard (Static Dress) on the video for “I Won’t Let Go”? What sort of visual style does he bring to the table for you?

It was great! We actually shot that video 9 months ago now so I’ve been sitting on it for a while. We shot the video very quickly and Olli just spilled ideas out from the initial concept. We’ve been friends for a while from playing in previous bands together so it was good to work together again. We had plans before Covid to work together.

Your music is often difficult to categorize, combining elements of rock, metal, hip-hop, electronic, and more. What’s the one artist you get compared to most?

I get compared to Ghostemane a lot and I think it’s a fair comparison. We are inspired by the same artists so it makes sense. I think fans who really know where I want to go with it would probably compare me more to Marilyn Manson.

What inspires you during the creative process of writing music?

I really enjoy listening to film scores or video game music as it’s written heavily with emotions in mind. Sci fi films are also a huge inspiration to me especially with this project. I wanted to focus on creating an aggressive digital sound and push it to the extremes. I wanted it to sound like something that would thump out of some underground club in Cyberpunk 2077. In this project I wanted it to be a bit more conceptual, especially with “Infiltrate” and build a world around the sound.

How has the coronavirus impacted your plans for 2020?

Sadly like most musicians my plans for 2020 have been distrubed by covid. I had festival plans and touring plans for later in the year cancelled. I’m staying positive about the situation and I’m going to keep releasing music throughout the year including my EP “Neverscape” which features both “I Won’t Let Go” and “Neverscape” tracks on it. To be honest I’m in a privileged position where I can continue to put out music and keep safe. I cannot wait to perform live music again.

What are you listening to these days? Any new music you’ve discovered recently?

I’m all over the place for sure. I love discovering new music and I love listening to artists outside of what I make. I think it helps to flesh out my sound and keep pushing myself. IC3PEAK are a Russian duo that create very ambient and dark electronic music with very ethereal and harsh vocals. I’m also enjoying Rina Sawayama, new Lady Gaga, Nascar Aloe and City Morgue.