Florida progressive post-hardcore band Cat Company releases debut, self-titled EP

Florida progressive post-hardcore band Cat Company are making waves with their debut EP, which dropped last Friday. The up and coming band, which takes influences from Closure In Moscow and The Fall Of Troy, are off to a great start if this 5-track release is any indication. If you’re into more modern bands of the Swancore style like Eidola and/or Stolas, you’re bound to love this. For the uninitiated, there is plenty to sink your teeth into here, especially if you’re a fan of music that sounds positively tight.

Even better is the fact that the band has kindly provided us with a little bit of background on the album’s 5 tracks, which you can view below while listening to the EP. Enjoy!

Maroon Sweater – This one is about realizing and coming to terms with your insecurities. The lyrics touch a bit on situations like when people see your weaknesses and take advantage of you.

Sad Dance – This one is based around trying to find a groove within the hardships and curve-balls life throws at you. finding what drives and motivates you to pursue a goal, realizing the obstacles that you’re going to face, and your decision to pursue that goal, or turn away. Its about being caught in between the self doubt and the breaking free of psychological limitations.

Kusanagi – This one is written from the perspective of an evil talking sword haha. The idea comes from the legend of the Kusanagi Blade. At one point the sword was believed to be cursed and its said that those who have gazed upon the sword are met with a great misfortune. We took that concept and used it to give the sword an evil, demonic personality, akin to that of a really toxic and manipulating person who is obviously bad company, but you keep them around.

Morpheus The Black – is about a black cat we once knew named Morpheus. He belonged to a colleague who basically pawned off their cat onto someone else in a selfish pursuit of love that ultimately didnt even work out. That person also embodied some of the qualities of the type of person being described in the previous track. The song is mostly written from an outside perspective, calling out the previous owner of the cat, and the end of the song is written from the perspective of the cat, if he could talk and give his owner a piece of his mind.

Firestarter – This one was written initially from an outsiders perspective, just seeing this girl who lives primarily with this gloomy, melancholy outlook on life. Like with the first line, you could say the girl is reaching out for help, but ultimately doesn’t receive it, whether its from an external source, or someone at home. You can interpret line “Dont drag me home!” as kind of the other side of the coin to the phrase “home is where the heart is” because for this girl, there’s no heart at home. Lyrically there isn’t a resolve in the story, but it is expressed through the instrumentation. the song starts off slow and dark, but ends with a big funky bang almost to symbolize a victory of sorts.