Experience “Bloodshed” with the new single + video from Smash Your Enemies (TNF Premiere)

Born from a place of cold misery, Detroit metallic hardcore band Smash Your Enemies are here to deliver a taste of “Bloodshed” with their new single of the same name. Formed from members of Cold As Life, the band’s new EP Become Death drops October 30th, and we’re stoked to get the first taste of the EP out there into the world. If you’re a fan of metallic hardcore, thrash metal, or anything in between, this band might well be up your alley. If you like what you hear, pre-order the new EP via Upstate Records right here. And if you’re like us and you enjoy all things visceral and angry, Smash Your Enemies might just be for you.

SMASH YOUR ENEMIES(SYE) was born from the lineage of Detroit’s legendary Cold As Life. And SYE does not skip out on the brutal legacy. “Become Death” hits the streets on Devil’s Night, October 30th through Upstate Records.

“Become Death” is six songs of pure fury and violence. Vocalist Brandon Critt warns about the ferociousness of “Become Death” as an over-taking of power, “Kneel down to your cross, your God can’t save you from me”. Smash Your Enemies is prepared for domination. With the opener, “Murder City Kings”, SYE demands “RESPECT. HOLD MY OWN. TO THE GRAVE” as the battle cry, setting the pace for the sonic barrage to come from titles like “Driven By Hate” and “Ear To The Streets”. The title track, “Become Death” further exemplifies the struggles encountered when dealing with less than authentic people – “One foot in the grave, today is your final day motherfucker”. The onslaught continues with “Sick World” and closes out with “Bloodshed”, a final prophetic consequential summation on how rats and snakes are properly addressed – “No turning back, everyone dies. River of blood”.

“Become Death” was mixed by Andy Nelson (Jesus Piece, Harms Way) at Bricktop Recording and mastered by Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, King 810) with vocals being recorded by Tone Rizzo at Sound Smith Studios.