Exclusive Song Premiere: Nevertel Will Capture Your Hearts On The “Rebound”


There’s something interesting about hearing the debut single from a band. It often sets the tone for what they’ll accomplish in their careers, and how they’re inevitably viewed by their peers. It’s safe to say that “Rebound”, the debut single from Tampa, FL’s Nevertel, is one of those songs. Sure, there’s hints of bands like Dangerkids, Issues, and even Linkin Park in their sound – their influences are fairly obvious. But there’s also something unmistakable about what they’re trying to accomplish – the sound they’re going for here is so much different than anything their peers are doing right now, and it should be noted vocalist Jeremy Michael was formerly in the band Miles From Alaska, so his talents are pretty obvious.

You can check out the single after the jump, and be sure to buy it on Google Play and/or iTunes. What you’re about to listen to is a band who’s going to be on everyone’s mind – and soon.

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