EP Review: Adesta – “What We Have Become”

I was lucky enough to check out the aggressive, raw, and emotionally packed debut EP, What We Have Become, which was released last December by the alternative rock band, Adesta, formed in June of 2012 in Upstate New York.

The opening track, “Innocence,” is intriguing from the start. A perfect blend of melody and aggression. The track transitions through captivating riffs and vocal lines with a catchy chorus that will be stuck in your head by the end.

The second track, titled “Expend” is immediately reminiscent of Tool, but quickly breaks into a more fast paced track with a changing feel through every transition that manages to hold that recognizable Adesta sound. While significantly shorter than the other tracks, it is packed to the brim with musicality.

My favorite track, “Haste,” is third on the EP and opens with an eerie, slow, vocal line that leads to an aggressive guitar riff, then drops off to another slow paced vocal melody, which then builds in intensity again. The song is an ever-changing maelstrom of emotions. Everything is perfect about this track, from the bass line to the vocals.

The fourth track is titled “Better Off.” While not lacking in lyrical aggression, the song is slower paced, but just as perfectly executed as the rest of the album.

The closing track, “Balance,” is one of the more melodic tracks on the EP. The track begins to wind down about midway through, but as the song title would suggest, there is a final blast of energy just before the end, which really compliments the slower pace at the beginning of the track.

What We Have Become is a very well-written debut that is sure to have something for everyone. Adesta have displayed a dynamic style with this release that has me anxiously awaiting their next release!

To follow Adesta and see tour dates or pick up their EP check out their website and facebook page.

For fans of Tool, A Perfect Circle, Ten Years, Earshot.

Rating: 9/10!