DVSR mesh metal with rap in “West Technique” (review)

DVSR, 2020

Would you look at that – I’m writing about another Aussie metal band! This time around, I’ve got my hands on DVSR’s second full-length, West Technique. I became aware of the group with the single “Bloodlust,” which features Thy Art is Murder’s CJ McMahon. The niche of proggy metal with rapping at the forefront is one I enjoy, so I look forward to dissecting this before it drops this Friday.

Opening with “No Sugar”, a chaotic section follows a fast-paced rap verse. With panic chords reminiscent of Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, a bit of breadth is apparent with DVSR’s opener to West Technique. Next up’s the aforementioned “Bloodlust”, and CJ’s bit fits well here. The frenetic pace that DVSR sets is matched with his legendary growls.

Nu-metal is the vibe within “Off Tap,” and “TN Tax” has the best intro breakdown riff on West Technique before the motormouth rap accompanies the verse with clean vocals finally showing up. The triplet breakdown is divine, making this my highlight track on the album. “Devil on my Shoulder” has a great bridge buildup into a solid climax.

“What’s the Proof?” features Frankie Palmeri of Emmure fame. He definitely didn’t phone it in here, sounding monstrous and in-your-face. “Liberate Me” is 4+ minutes long, which wears a bit on the listener halfway through the album, but is serviceable enough as is. “Redrum” brings out the toms in a more deliberate, slow proceeding bringing emphasis to the vocals.

Back to the quick pace is “Rack ‘Em Up,” making the most of its 2-minute runtime with a succinct riff/rap. The production gets amped up in “Black Magic” to emanate the hip-hop percussion ahead of the chorus and has another noteworthy breakdown later on.

The best guitar run on West Technique is within “Respect on the Name” with a blistering speed proving the technical chops behind the instrumentalists in DVSR. The lyrics get desperate in “Homesick” before the record wraps up in “Leave and Die Slowly.”

DVSR have something interesting in their second full-length West Technique. For me, it fell a bit off through the middle and didn’t finish as strongly as it started, but it’s still a good listen for those wanting to scratch that rap metal itch. Overall, the awesome moments mentioned salvage it and are worth the listen. I’d love to see these guys on a package with Hacktivist, Kadinja, etc. Check out West Technique when it releases Friday, August 7th!

Rating: 7/10

A press copy of West Technique was provided courtesy of DVSR.