Deftones release highly influential alt-metal album, “White Pony”, 18 years ago today

“Soon, I’ll let you go. Soon, this will be all over”. The words of the opening track off White Pony, “Feiticeira”, ring out like a statement and not merely just words. Perhaps that’s the great duality of what Deftones really brought to the table on their highly influential (and arguably magnum opus) 3rd album, White Pony. Released as nu-metal was starting to hit its decline phase, White Pony is Deftones at their experimental and atmospheric peak.

White Pony is Deftones at their best, as well as their most influential. Their first flirtation with Massive Attack-esque trip-hop (“Teenager”) successfully captures the innocence of youth, while “RX Queen” is about obsessing over a girl who can’t fight addiction, specifically drugs. Most of their iconic songs are here, too. Massive single that is almost instantly recognizable? “Change (In The House Of Flies)” has you covered. Fantastic duet that happened totally by chance in the studio? “Passenger” (which features Tool/APC’s Maynard James Keenan) is an absolutely thrilling vocal trade off between Chino Moreno and Maynard that’s an instant classic. In the current landscape of half-baked and boring “guest vocal” spots where the guest vocalist in question spits around 4 lines and adds nothing to the song (obviously a cash grab), Chino and Maynard’s instant chemistry and real emotion make this arguably the best song on the album.

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