Dayseeker’s side project Hurtwave release first single, “Sever”


At long last, Dayseeker vocalist Rory Rodriguez and drummer Mike Karle have unleashed their project Hurtwave’s first single, “Sever.”

Opting for a more poppy/electronic approach, Rory’s unbelievable vocals are in full swing here. Rory wrote on social media that this song is about a potential significant other that strung him along for years, which he finally cuts ties with in this track’s lyricism.

This song was initially teased in August of 2018, so it’s clear these have been set to launch for a while. In 2019, Dayseeker released one of my albums of the year in Sleeptalk, a devastating, delightful collection of strong songs front to back, so the timing for Hurtwave may not have been right until now.

The plan for Hurtwave’s debut, Night Therapy I, is to be released in seven installments beginning with “Sever.” Another guaranteed song is “Fever Dream” which Rory posted acoustically on his Twitter last April. We’re surely in for a lot of turmoil to vibe with this project, and I look forward to what else Hurtwave has to offer.