This Day In Music History: April 25, 2006: Taking Back Sunday Releases “Louder Now”


It may be hard to believe, but acclaimed alternative rock band Taking Back Sunday’s 3rd album is now 10 years old today. I can remember the first time I heard “MakeDamnSure” on FUSE (Remember when that was the best music station on TV? I do), and though I wasn’t necessarily blown away, the album does contain some of their best songs. I mean for crying out loud, there was this girl I went to high school with who had “What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?” on her Myspace for years, and in my painfully awkward teen stage, I would revisit her profile over and over again just to hear this song.

Anyhow, “Error Operator”, “Liar (It Takes One To Know One)”, and the closer “I’ll Let You Live” are some truly good tracks in the band’s discography. Below, you can find a full stream of the album. Maybe it’s time to revisit it? In my opinion, it’s the best TBS album other than TAYF and WYWTB.