Dance Gavin Dance release “Lyrics Lie”, one of their best songs yet

The time has come to feast your eyes and ears on another quality song from post-hardcore legends Dance Gavin Dance in the form of their latest single, “Lyrics Lie.”

Today, the band released a video for the song documenting the creation of the Afterburner mural in Sacramento, California, to hype up the release of the band’s ninth studio album ahead of its release on April 24th.

This track is beyond phenomenal. From Will Swan’s unreal riffage from the start, to Tilian flexing his unclean vocals in the post-chorus in a trade-off with Jon Mess, to the chorus that I simply cannot get out of my head, this track is an immediate top-5 in the band’s long discography. My excitement for the band’s latest release has grown immensely with this new song and I cannot wait to get my hands on Afterburner!