Crosscheck Drummer Tom Alderson Jumped At ‘This Is Hardcore’, Hospitalized


Back on Sunday, July 26th at this year’s ‘This Is Hardcore’ fest, Tom Alderson of the band Crosscheck was jumped and reportedly beaten by members of the bands Heavy Chains and Suburban Scum that would leave him in a coma. You can read a friend of Tom’s, as well as the ‘Life And Death’ tour’s statement regarding the evening after the jump.

Here’s what we know of what went on between Tom and members of HC/Suburban Scum:

It has been confirmed that Heavy Chains will no longer be performing on the “Life And Death” tour.

Life and death tour

If you would like to help out and support Tom with his recovery, you can donate at the link –

Those are the things we know right now. What I also know is that these kinds of actions aren’t what the metal and hardcore scene needs. Support your fellow man and stop proving your “superiority” by fighting at shows.